Truffly Made Video Guides


Making Chocolate Truffles Using The Truffly Made Molds

A step by step guides to making perfect chocolate truffle using the Classic Round, Teardrop and Heart Molds


Making Jelly Candies (Pate de Fruits)

Step by Step guide showing how simple it is to make jelly candies (pate de fruits) using the Square and Wave Truffly Made Molds


Making lollipops using Truffly Made Molds

Create dipped cakepops and chocolate lollipops using the Lollipop Mold and Lollipop Sticks.


Making Candies Using Truffly Made Molds

Step by step guide to making hard candies and white chocolates using the Wave, Oval and Eclipse Molds.

Truffly Made’s Pumpkin and Lollipop chocolate molds

Making chocolate pumpkins using the Halloween Pumpkin Mold and hard candy lollipop’s using the Lollipop Mold with the Lollipop Sticks.


Decorating Halloween Pumpkin Chocolates

Watch how simple it is to decorate your chocolate pumpkins made with the Halloween Pumpkin Mold.