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Automatic Universal Depositor



Automatic Filler 20 Liter





Fully automatic

Deposits 5000-7000 gummies hourly

10 pistons

Touch screen operated

Contact us for mold compatibility


Lead time is 90 days.

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Product Description

Automatic Confectionery Depositor 

Truffly Made Automatic Universal Candy Depositor For Gummies, Caramel, Hard Candy:

The Truffly Made,  Candy Depositor For Gummies, Caramel, Hard Candy is designed to remove the burden of filling multiple cavity candy molds while increasing the accuracy and uniformity of filling each mold. It works with both low heat confectionery ingredients such as chocolate and ganache, as well as high heat candy ingredients such as caramel, gummies and hard candy.

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Additional Information

Weight 63 lbs