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Marshmallow Recipe

Make BIG round marshmallows!


What You Need

  • 24 oz/630 grams sugar
  • 12 oz/340 grams glucose syrup
  • 12 oz/340 grams honey
  • 8.5 oz/240 grams water for hydration – cold
  • 3.5 oz/35 grams Gelatin unflavored
  • 9.5 oz/268 grams water
  • 0.25 oz/7 grams vanilla extract
  • 7 drop candy color
  • Candy thermometer

  • Confectioner’s sugar and cornstarch

    blend as needed

  • 1 X-Large Truffly Made Round Mold

Make It

1. Add in this order; water, sugar, glucose syrup and honey into a saucepan without mixing or
moving and cook  at 252 F.

2. Pour the cooked sugar into the Kitchen Aid or mixer bowl and allow it to cool down to 212 F

3. Use a Candy thermometer to measure up to “hard ball”

4. Stir the gelatin into cold water to hydrate. Do not mix it, just let it melt by itself.

5. Warm the gelatin  and pour it  into the cooled sugar mix.  Whip on high speed until well aerated.
The mix should reach a white and soft texture.

6. Prepare your X-Large Truffly Made molds with oil

7. Pour the marshmallow mixture into a pastry bag and pipe into your Truffly Made molds

8. Cover the mold with the Truffly Made Mat.

9. Allow to set overnight.

Dust with a sifted mixture of equal parts confectioner’s sugar and cornstarch.



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