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Chocolate Truffles With Alcohol Recipe

Make the prefect rich truffle with this recipe!


What You Need

  • 636 g Dark chocolate 64% cacao
  • 189 g Heavy cream 40 % fat
  • 57 g Invert sugar
  • 58 g alcohol (your choice of flavor) ex. Cognac
  • 57 g butter
  • Add flavor to complement the alcohol if needed
  • 1 Truffly Made Round Mold

Make It

1. Chop chocolate and set in food processor
2. Heat the cream, invert sugar and butter to 180F
3. Pour the hot liquids over the chopped chocolate and blend until smooth.
4. Pipe into silicone molds and set for 24 hours in refrigerator
5. Freeze for 12 hours at -20F.


Truffle image from Moonstruck Chocolates

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